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Michele Backus Konigsberg Partner, Washington, DC
(202) 469-7757 
Alison P. Baker Associate, Washington, DC
(202) 741-4887 
Aaron T. Baral Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5814 
Philip H. Bartels Of Counsel, Greenwich
(203) 869-5600 
Janice Bassett Paralegal, Hartford
(860) 251-5135 
Linda L. Baxter Paralegal, Stamford
(203) 324-8118 
Kristie A. Beahm Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5334 
Andreana R. Bellach Partner, Stamford
(203) 324-8109 
James W. Bergenn Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5639 
Peter G. Berris Associate, Washington, DC
(202) 469-7788 
James T. Betts Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5150 
David O. Bigger Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5203 
Tyler J. Bischoff Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5812 
Robert M. Borden Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5823 
Paula J. Bowne Paralegal, Hartford
(860) 251-5626 
Danielle McGrath Braun Associate, Hartford
(860) 251-5787 
Donna L. Brooks Partner, Hartford
(860) 251-5917 
Toma E. Brown Paralegal, Stamford
(203) 324-8167 
Donald C. Brown, Jr. Of Counsel, Washington, DC
(202) 469-7763 
Joanne Butler Partner, Greenwich
(203) 863-6408 

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