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What Employers Need To Know About The New Social Media


February 24, 2014

Dan Schwartz, partner in the Hartford office and regular speaker on social media related topics, has contributed to the article, "What Employers Need To Know About The New Social Media."  The article, featured by Law360, covers some recent developments with past networking sites and also offers advice on new platforms. 

Below are Dan's highlights from the article:

On the topic of how employers should view messenging sites and apps...
“For employers, this means that information is traveling quickly outside of typical corporate controls.”

On the topic of data privacy and security...
"It's important to understand when your information is not going through normal channels if you have a document retention policy or regulatory concerns like in the financial or health care industries, to make sure that your secure information is not being leaked through the faucet that is instant messaging apps.”

“In my cursory searches of these sites for work-related content, I can see that employees may be sharing confidential information or really acting inappropriate during work time on these sites, so again it poses challenges for employers.”

On the topic of corporate identity...
“Even if the employer isn't on the site, people are talking about their business on these sites, so the notion that you can simply put your proverbial head in the sand and ignore what is going on there is ignoring the reality of where the Internet is.”

On the topic of how employers can take action...
“I don't think you can ever prevent employees from using these types of apps in nonworking time, but you can limit their use in the workplace and provide guidance about how employees should do it, if it is work-related at all.”

Click here to read the article.

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