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State and Local Tax

Shipman & Goodwin's State and Local Tax Practice has the knowledge and experience to address your Connecticut and municipal tax matters. Our practice group regularly handles issues relating to the Connecticut corporation business tax, sales and use tax, individual income tax, insurance premium tax, real estate conveyance and controlling interest transfer taxes, utility and excise taxes, and the municipal property tax, including:

• Tax Planning. We advise international, national and local businesses and individuals on tax planning and tax reduction strategies. This advice includes counseling clients on: the proper structure for transactions and business relationships (such as joint ventures, construction contracts, etc.); the qualification for state tax exemptions and credits; the standards for nexus, combined reporting and the disallowance of affiliated entity transactions; and domicile and residency matters.

• Audits and Tax Controversies. We have worked successfully with business clients in all industries and with individual clients in the defense of audits, the prosecution of administrative appeals and, when necessary, the handling of matters before all state courts. Commencing with the initial notice of audit, we help our clients narrow the scope of an audit, organize documentation for audit review, defend against proposed assessments and prosecute appeals in an efficient and economical manner that maximizes a client's chance for a successful resolution and minimizes the intrusion into their businesses and private lives.

• Legislative and Administrative Tax Policy. Our attorneys have significant involvement in the development and implementation of legislative and administrative tax policy. Alan Lieberman is the coordinator of a select group of state tax practitioners which meets regularly with the Connecticut Commissioner of Revenue Services and his staff to discuss state tax legislation and policy, and Lou Schatz is the former Chair of the Tax Section of the Connecticut Bar Association. We have chaired and/or sat on committees appointed by the Connecticut General Assembly and the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services to address such matters as the taxation of the financial services industry, the apportionment of income by various industries, the taxation of partnerships, limited liability companies and their owners and the Streamlined Sales Tax Project. We also have authored or co-authored legislation governing the taxation of the financial services industry, the enactment of exemptions from the Connecticut corporation business tax, sales and use tax and the insurance premium tax, and the promulgation of new special tax incentives and credits. Our attorneys work regularly with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services in the preparation and implementation of legislative and administrative proposals proposed by the Department and/or the taxpayer community, permitting us to advance the interests of our clients, and keep them apprised of developments in the law in areas where there may be little or no written guidance.

Visit and subscribe to, a complimentary online resource for information on key administrative, legislative and case law developments on Connecticut state and local taxes (SALT) and how they affect businesses, municipalities, and individual taxpayers.


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November 25, 2019  Lou Schatz Quoted in Hartford Business Journal Article, "Trying to avoid CT taxes by becoming a part-time resident? It's harder than you think."
July 12, 2019  New Tax Law Requires Exempt Organizations to E-File Annual Forms 990
April 29, 2019  IRS Releases New Set of Qualified Opportunity Zone Regulations
March 1, 2019  Connecticut's Response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (Part II)
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December 29, 2017  The New Biennial Budget: Trick or Treat?
December 18, 2017  DRS Updates: New Withholding on Pensions and Annuities, Economic Nexus for Sales Tax and "Fresh Start" Program
2017 Vol. 90.4  2016 Survey of Connecticut Tax Law Developments
July 13, 2017  2017 Legislative Session: Refusing to Budge(t)
June 8, 2017  Eagerly Awaited "Market-Based Sourcing" Guidance Issued by Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
April 28, 2017  Update on Nonqualified Stock Options and Statutory Limitations on Refunds Claims
April 28, 2017  Connecticut Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual
January 31, 2017  IRS Issues Clarification for Tax-Exempt Management Contracts -- Impact on Healthcare Providers
December 13, 2016  36-Month Rule for Reporting Discharges of Indebtedness Is Repealed
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2016 Vol. 89.3  2015 Connecticut Tax Law Developments
12/15/15, Updated 12/29/15  Connecticut Tax Developments 2015
12/15/15, Updated 12/29/15  Connecticut Deficit Mitigation Package Contains Limited Tax Relief
September 11, 2015  Connecticut Establishes Procedure for Administrative Relief for Underpayment of 2015 Estimated Corporation Business Tax Payments
August 25, 2014  Connecticut Delays Until 2015 the Acceleration of the Due Date for Sales and Use Tax Returns and Payments
June 18, 2014  Connecticut Tax Developments 2014
January 14, 2014  IRS Releases Further Guidance for Tax-Exempt Hospitals
December 19, 2013  2014 Connecticut Tax Forecast: DRS Legislative Proposals, Transparency and Regulations
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