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Software and Technology

Businesses and consumers alike are relying more heavily than ever on technology to achieve their goals, creating significant opportunities for high-tech companies and their industry partners. Companies that operate within this ever-evolving arena, however, face unique legal challenges that require experienced guidance.   We take great pride in providing that guidance to software and technology companies, investors and lenders as they navigate critical issues in formation, compliance, operation and growth. 

Our clients range from startup companies to multinational corporations in industries including software, telecommunications, health care, insurance, internet, and manufacturing. We work diligently to advise clients at every stage of development, from startup and emerging companies to late-stage companies, as well as clients seeking options for selling their businesses.

Recognizing the impact market advancements have on a client’s bottom line, our representation concentrates on everything from acting as general counsel to handling sophisticated and complex transactions.  

Our representation includes:

  • intellectual property, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights, licensing and technology transfer, software, hardware, outsourcing, e-commerce and procurement
  • license and purchase agreements, including software license, development, SAAS implementation, cloud computing, computer equipment purchase, OEM agreements, and data and content acquisition licenses 
  • regulatory compliance matters such as data security, cyber security, and domestic and international privacy regulations, directives and standards 
  • strategic alliances, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • tax and tax exemption
  • venture capital, equity investments and institutional financing
  • business formation and corporate governance, including choice of entity, ownership structure and succession planning


Federal Anti-Cybersquatting and Trademark Infringement Claims
Private Duty Technology License
Major Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Regional Hospital
Technology Contract Negotiation for Manufacturing Company
Software License Contract Negotiation for Clinical Healthcare Organization
Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Healthcare Laboratory
Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Higher Education Organization
Corporate Counsel
Developing Next-Generation Medical Technology
Counseling and Development of Various Web and Business Agreements
Online Contracting Model Development
Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Counseling, Prosecution and Management of Various Portfolios
Private Equity & Mezzanine Finance
Representation of Hedge Fund Investor in Homeland Security Software Company
Securities Law
Series A-2 Preferred Stock Financing of Programmatic Digital Media Company
Series A Preferred Stock Financing of Cloud-Based Healthcare Technology Company
Global Brand Trademark Portfolio
Settlement in Trademark Infringement Action
Development of Privacy and Protection Policies
Data Privacy Compliance and Contractual Guidance
Development of Mobile App
Creation of Health Care Compliance Software
Development and Launch of All-Payer Claims Database
General Outside Counsel to Software/Outsource Business
Biotech Company Pioneers Technology For New Class of Drugs
Connecticut-Based International Technology Research Company
Breach of Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements Suits
Sale of Major Software Company
Sale of Digital Signage Company
Health Information Technology Contract Dispute
Establishment of Corporate Compliance Program for National Biotech Firm
Telecom Expense Management Company Merger
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