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Rueckert quoted in CT Law Tribune article, "Lawmakers Debate Drug-Free School Zones"

Connecticut Law Tribune

March 28, 2014

Morgan Rueckert, a board member of the Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and a partner with Shipman & Goodwin, was quoted in the article, Lawmakers Debate Drug-Free School Zones.  The article focused on the Connecticut General Assembly consideration of legislation that would reduce the size of the drug-free zones from 1,500 to 200 feet.

The consideration came from a review of available land for treatment centers and found most parcels are within the 1,500 foot range.  Changing the Drug-Free School Zones will also effect sentencing and many support the commission-backed legislation.

On the topic of sentencing Rueckert said, the Sentencing Commission "has come up with commonsense changes to address some issues that need to be addressed. This is a recommendation that we really support. It's an appropriate time to move forward with this." 

The article closed with highlights from opponents to the proposed legislation and a comparison to a similar situation in New Jersey.

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