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Product and Tort Litigation

Our lawyers are nationally known for their product and tort litigation successes, and the trials we have won have made national news.  We have served as primary outside counsel to companies from a  broad range of industries including the automobile, energy, pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device, human tissue, utility, and firearm industries, to name a few.

We have extensive experience with diverse products and substances, and we often call on our additional resources inside and outside the firm to stay abreast of matters such as changing regulations, new technologies, pesticides, and medical terms.  These valuable resources have helped us develop a reputation for establishing a thorough understanding of the complex technical, and sometimes scientific, issues of a case within the early stages, enabling us to quickly integrate ourselves into a client’s existing team. 

Our litigation teams are small and remain so throughout the engagement.  Teams are led by a partner who focuses on the particular area of expertise required and maintains the overall client-attorney relationship.  We limit the number of new cases we take on so as not to jeopardize the quality or efficiency of our existing clients’ outcomes.  Our emphasis on consistent, open lines of communication from the start of a case to the very end is what differentiates us from others.

As experienced toxic tort litigators, we provide defense for all tort cases, handling unique suits relating to disaster response, waste disposal, natural resource issues, and industry facility pollution.  One of the firm’s partners has an advanced degree in marine science and has developed an international reputation in the area of oil spills and natural resource damages, representing some of the world’s largest shipping companies.

Regardless of the type of case, we aggressively prepare our cases to be won at trial.  This strategy lets our opponents know that if we go to trial, we expect to win.  Our approach to creative and compelling trial strategy is tailored to each client case, recognizing that every case and situation is different.  If pretrial settlement becomes the favorable option for our client, we will always advise our client accordingly.

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