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Peter Murphy quoted in CT Law Tribune Article, "Lawyers Note Rise in Pregnancy-Related Discrimination Cases"

Supreme Court, EEOC takes aim at fast-growing area of employment law

Connecticut Law Tribune

July 28, 2014

Peter Murphy quoted in Connecticut Law Tribune article regarding pregnancy-related discrimination cases.

Murphy was quoted as saying, it is interesting that the EEOC's guidance came right after the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Young v. UPS. According to Murphy, the EEOC has adopted the position argued by Young's attorneys: a pregnant employee may be entitled to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act for pregnancy-related conditions.

He also said, reasonable minds could disagree on the meaning of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, which was enacted to overturn a Supreme Court decision that held that pregnancy discrimination does not qualify as sex discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.

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