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Noise Nuisance: A New Twist on an Old Law

State and municipalities seeks best way to enforce laws

Connecticut Law Tribune

February 22, 2016

Authors: Andrea L. Gomes

In recent years, noise nuisance as an issue in land development has emerged in new and interesting ways in Connecticut. While noise nuisance law has been around for a long time, recent cases have posed some peculiar noise measurement and compliance issues that may become more common in, and instructive for, the years ahead.

The law is clear that some level of noise in the use and enjoyment of one’s property is to be expected; few people can reasonably expect to live in silent surroundings completely free from all interference. Nevertheless, noise impacts can still amount to a nuisance if they are irritating, disturbing or annoying. When they do, the noise “receptor” (the party allegedly suffering from noise nuisance) may be entitled to injunctive and monetary relief.

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