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Internal Investigations


Shipman & Goodwin's Internal Investigation group regularly conducts discreet but thorough internal investigations for private and public corporations, boards, and general counsels across the country.  Drawing on our collective experience as prosecutors, government officials, investigators, and defense counsel, the group’s attorneys structure the investigation, gather information from employees, synthesize complex business documents, and provide sound and practical guidance to corporate leadership in multiple areas of potential concern, including securities fraud, public corruption, healthcare fraud, IEEPA, ITAR, antitrust, environmental crimes, FCPA, and computer and data privacy.  

The group empowers its clients to tackle problems preemptively based upon its independent findings and recommendations, recognizing that prompt and careful assessments can mean the difference between a prolonged investigation and avoiding government scrutiny altogether. Upon completion of an investigation, our team often works with the client to obtain restitution—either by coordination with law enforcement or by separate civil recovery action.



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