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Government Investigations and White Collar Criminal Defense

The White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations attorneys at Shipman & Goodwin represent corporations and individuals in connection with a broad range of government investigations, enforcement actions, internal investigations, and white collar criminal litigation.  The team, which includes former government officials, vigorously represents clients in all phases of government investigations, including regulatory examinations and administrative proceedings; grand jury inquiries; litigation; sentencing; and appeals.  With decades of experience navigating the increasingly overlapping criminal and civil enforcement arms, we represent clients before federal and state regulators and officials including the DOJ, the SEC, FINRA, the FTC, the IRS, the FDA, OSHA, NIOSH, the EPA, the CT DEEP, (and other environmental/health and safety agencies in other states), federal and state banking regulators, state attorneys general, and state securities regulators. 

With an eye towards averting charging actions, we work with our clients to conduct discreet but thorough internal investigations, and to develop and implement robust corporate compliance programs.  Because reputation management can be as critical as the investigative outcome, we work with our clients to effectively manage their interests both in and out of the courtroom. 

Our representations span a vast array of substantive areas, including: 

  • Mortgage and Banking Fraud
  • Securities Fraud and Insider Trading
  • Public Corruption
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • International Trade Compliance and Enforcement
  • Higher Education
  • RICO
  • FCPA
  • FTC Investigations
  • National Security, including IEEPA, FISA and Terrorism Financing
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud
  • Accounting Fraud
  • Government and Military Contracts  Fraud / False Claims Act / Qui Tam
  • Antitrust
  • Environmental/Health and Safety Investigations (administrative/civil)
  • States Attorneys General Investigations
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Computer and Data Privacy
  • Tax Fraud / IRS Investigations
  • Marketing Practices
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Misconduct by Professionals, including physicians, lawyers and accountants
  • Consumer Protection


Criminal Defense Litigation
Conviction Overturned
Dismissal of Perjury Charge
Reversal of Federal Bribery Conviction Before the Second Circuit
Defense of Federal Money-Laundering Charges
Won Sole Acquittal in Wells Fargo Robbery by Puerto Rican Independence Revolutionaries
Government Investigations
Internal Investigation Regarding Potential State and Federal Environmental Violations
Government Investigation
Public Corruption Prosecutions and Investigations
Investigations of Marketing Practices
Government Contracts
Securities Lawsuit
Enron Corporation Securities Class Actions and Common Law Claims
$365 Million Judgment in Breach of Contract Trial
Pro Bono Representation
Investigations of Subprime Mortgage Issues
Federal Trade Commission Civil Action
Negotiation of settlement on behalf of universities and colleges under investigation
Allegations of fraud
Accusation of improperly distributing medication over the internet
Case of First Impression of Governor's Attorney-Client Privilege
Subprime Mortgage Fraud
Criminal and Regulatory Investigation
Enforcement of the Connecticut Antitrust Act
Investigations of Medical Treatment Guidelines
Health Care Fraud Case
Accusations of billing improprieties
False Claims Act Case
International Trade and FCPA Investigations
False Claims Act Cases Against Multi-National Military Contractor
Recovery of over $61 Million of Fraud and Abuse Claims
Insider Trading Investigations
Allegations of improper compensation
Criminal and Regulatory Investigations
Antitrust Investigations and Litigation
Regulatory Matters
Hedge Fund regulatory inquiries
International Emergency Economic Powers Act Criminal Case
National Settlement of Allegations of Steering
Defense of Quasi-Public Agencies in Federal RICO Action
Medicaid Managed Care Litigation
Allegations of improprieties on public works project
117-Count, Multi-Defendant RICO and Tax Fraud
Criminal Immigration Case
Allegations of improper endorsements of vendors


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