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Firm Endorses Two Diversity and Inclusion Pledges

November 22, 2016

Shipman & Goodwin has proudly endorsed American Bar Association Resolution No. 113 and the Connecticut Bar Association’s Diversity & Inclusion Plan and Pledge for the Connecticut Legal Community.

ABA Resolution No. 113 urges all providers of legal services to expand and create opportunities at all levels of responsibility for diverse attorneys.  The CBA Diversity & Inclusion Plan and Pledge calls on legal organizations to reaffirm their ongoing commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion within their own organizations and within the Connecticut legal community as a whole.  The CBA Plan provides for a collaborative effort that is intended to identify and implement best practices for the promotion of diversity and inclusion, with a different focus for each of the next several years, including education and training, hiring and pipeline initiatives, retention, and leadership and career advancement.

Our endorsement of ABA Resolution No. 113 and the CBA Plan and Pledge is consistent with the Firm’s long-standing commitment to its core values.  These core values include a commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace marked by mutual respect among colleagues at all levels, and a commitment to each other marked by collegiality, compassion, candor, honesty, fairness, self-sacrifice and good humor.  These commitments both guide our day-to-day decisions and actions, and define Shipman & Goodwin as an institution.

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