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Experts give their solutions to difficult workplace problems

What's Working in Human Resources

December 12, 2013

Dan Schwartz is included in an article published in the "What's Working in Human Resources" newsletter.  The article titled, "Experts give their solutions to difficult workplace problems" features a Q&A from Dan about how to clarify when something is legal but not ideal. 

Just because something may be “legal” doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Sometimes, organizations look for an answer to the question, “Is it legal?” without answering the bigger picture question, “Is it a good idea?” Ask yourself several related questions:

  • What will the ramifications for our workplace be if we decide to implement a new rule? How will it be received?
  • Are we increasing the risk of a lawsuit based on the way we fire or discipline an employee?
  • How will other employees perceive the action?
  • What effect will our decision have on our culture?

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