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Employers Given Until November 5 to Create E-Verify Cases for Employees Hired During Government Shutdown

October 22, 2013

As a result of the recent government shutdown, E-Verify service was unavailable from October 1, 2013 until the morning of October 17, 2013 when it resumed operations.  As anticipated, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) has provided guidance to employers and employees as to how the government shutdown has affected E-Verify. For example, USCIS has provided an extension of time for the resolution of certain Tentative Nonconfirmation cases and has given employers a short grace period within which to create E-Verify cases.

USCIS is also offering a webinar for existing users of E-Verify on October 23, 2013 regarding the effect of the shutdown on E-Verify cases.  Click to view this Q&A Fact Sheet providing additional  information regarding USCIS’ guidance for Employers.  

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