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Drugs and Medical Devices

We are proud that the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers call on Shipman & Goodwin’s team of highly experienced counselors to handle their most important product liability litigations.  We know how to advocate for this industry, its people, and its products, and we have decades of combined experience doing so in courtrooms all over the country.  We bring that experience -- along with an unmatched passion for our work -- to each and every representation.  In an era when defending good people and products from aggressive litigation often involve significant costs, we are also pleased that the value that we offer to our clients includes financial value. 

Our diverse team of lawyers has successfully litigated cases involving antipsychotics, birth control, diet drugs, female pelvic mesh, hip implants, hormone replacement therapy, pain medications, silicone breast implants and many other medical products.  As national counsel, regional counsel, and a key part of our clients’ legal teams, just some of our lawyers’ successes include:

  • Defense victory at trial in the Northern District of Texas in the first case involving our client’s hip implant.
  • Summary judgment win in a hip implant case in Maryland state court.
  • Summary judgment win in a case involving an antipsychotic medication in the District of Connecticut.
  • Successfully disposing of dozens of female pelvic mesh cases filed in the Southern District of West Virginia.
  • Winning appeal in the Second Circuit that challenged a win in Eastern District of New York on a motion to dismiss.
  • Obtained trial, summary judgment, and appellate wins in the diet drug litigation in the Sixth Circuit, the Eastern District of Tennessee, Pennsylvania state court and other jurisdictions.
  • Obtained a defense win and a pre-verdict dismissal of punitive damages at trial in the first hormone therapy case to try in Philadelphia, as well as numerous other defense wins on summary judgment.

As evidenced by our successes, Shipman & Goodwin’s lawyers have helped manage numerous high-profile MDLs, class actions, consolidated state court actions, individual lawsuits, and appeals in many jurisdictions across the country.  We can and do win cases at trial if it comes to that, but we are also proud of our long track record of winning cases before trial.  We know that expertise in issue management, case evaluation, discovery, expert preparation, and pre-trial motion practice are critical to obtaining favorable results.  In an MDL or other mass tort, we prepare to win the many battles along the way that help manage the cost of the larger litigation.  In the context of an individual lawsuit, Shipman & Goodwin offers significant value.

Our lawyers are members of DRI, the American Board of Trial Advocates, the American Bar Association, the National Bar Association and many other legal and community organizations. Shipman & Goodwin is pleased to sponsor the DRI Drug and Medical Device Conference. 

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