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Dan Schwartz quoted in CT Law Tribune article, "Bill Would Ban Requests For Social Media Passwords"

Privacy measure would limit employers' ability to scout Facebook, other sites

Connecticut Law Tribune

March 14, 2014

Dan Schwartz has been quoted in the Connecticut Law Tribune article, "Bill Would Ban Requests For Social Media Passwords." The article focuses on the legality of employers' asking prospective employees for their social media passwords. Main aspects of the article include which states have passed legislation on the topic and reasons why Connecticut shouldn't pass legislation on the topic.  

Highlights of Dan's quotes from the article are featured below: 

On the topic of whether legislation is necessary...
"It's a solution in search of a problem," Dan said. "We really don't hear of many, if at all, instances in Connecticut where employers are asking applicants for user names and passwords of social media accounts. It's just not routinely done."

On whether there should be exceptions to any law that does pass...
"Suppose an employer is conducting a harassment investigation and has reason to believe that social media is being used … I think the employer would want clear rules about getting that information and this [bill] would appear to have limits on it."

 On how the evolution and breath of technology can create unintentional loop holes...
"Does personal online account include text messages or things that have accounts but are really communication vehicles?" said Schwartz. "I think the Legislature is chasing technology that continues to be developed."

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