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Connecticut Health Law 2014 Legislative Update

July 9, 2014

Download: CTHealthLawLegislativeUdate2014

This Legislative Update provides readers with a summary of Connecticut legislation affecting healthcare providers and other healthcare related entities or agencies enacted during the 2014 legislative session.  Please note that this Legislative Update is a summary of the legislative highlights or what we view as the most significant new laws from the General Assembly.   Thus, you should refer to the full Public Act when determining what steps to take, if any, for complying with new laws as they apply to you.

The specific Public Acts are summarized herein for your reference and convenience along with a link to the Public Act.  The Table of Contents on pages 1 and 2 lists the Public Acts that are covered along with a reference to the page in this Legislative Update where its corresponding summary is located.

To view the Legislative Update, please click here.

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