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Catastrophic Injury

Shipman & Goodwin’s Catastrophic Injury Practice Group handles cases involving catastrophic personal injury and/or death in federal and state courts.  From simple motor vehicle accidents to complex product-related injuries, our lawyers represent the interests of individuals and their families who have suffered life-altering injuries or death.  Members of our practice group have experience handling cases involving death, physical disfigurement, loss or limitation to bodily functions, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, amputation, sexual abuse and burn injuries. We handle each case based on a contingency fee. Costs are not contingent upon the outcome of a case. Initial consultations are free.

The firm uses current case management technology and trial presentation software, and has access to an array of technical and medical experts.  Members of the group have been regularly called upon to teach at law schools and at trial advocacy seminars.

Our firm has experience defending and evaluating catastrophic injury and death cases for many of the nation’s leading corporations, firms and insurers.  Our firm’s defense experience gives our plaintiff’s team perspective to prepare our clients’ cases for settlements or trials.  Many of our cases come to our team as a result of referrals from other lawyers. 

The team’s lawyers in this practice area are proud of the results they have achieved for their clients, which include verdicts and settlements over $1,000,000*.  Each lawyer in the group is a member of The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a voluntary membership organization that admits only attorneys who have won million dollar verdicts or settlements, and of which fewer than 1% of U.S. lawyers are members. Each lawyer in the group has also been selected as a Connecticut Super Lawyer®.

* Please note that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in other matters or cases, as each case has a unique set of facts and circumstances.


Catastrophic Injury
$36,500,000 ARBITRATION AWARD - Defective Product - Catastrophic Burns to 3 Year Old Boy and 33 Year Old Father
$5,025,850 SETTLEMENT & ARBITRATION - Defective Product - Catastrophic Burns
$5,000,000 SETTLEMENT - Truck Strikes Cyclist - Leg Amputation
$4,875,000 SETTLEMENT - Motor Vehicle Crash - Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
$3,500,000 SETTLEMENT - Bicycling Crash - Catastrophic Traumatic Brain Injury
$2,500,000 SETTLEMENT - Construction Accident Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury
$1,850,000 SETTLEMENT - Boating Accident - Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD)
$1,500,000 SETTLEMENT - Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose
$1,100,000 SETTLEMENT - Motor Vehicle Accident - Mild But Permanent Traumatic Brain Injury
$1,545,000 VERDICT - Motor Vehicle Accident - Fibromyalgia
$850,000 ARBITRATION AWARD - Bicyclist Struck by Motorist - Multiple Orthopedic Injuries
$750,000 SETTLEMENT - Motor Vehicle Accident - Fractured Calcaneous (Heel)
$575,000 SETTLEMENT - Motor Vehicle Accident - Fractured Knee Cap with Surgery
$400,000 SETTLEMENT - Rear End Crash - Hearing Loss With Tinnitus
$315,000 SETTLEMENT - Defective Product - 2nd Degree Burn to Leg
$275,000 SETTLEMENT - Motor Vehicle Accident - TMJ Injury
$150,000 VERDICT - Fall from Horse - Fractured Pelvis
$105,000 VERDICT - Motor Vehicle Accident - Spondylolisthesis
Civil Rights
$3,500,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused by Regional SWAT Team
Dental Malpractice
$4,500,000 VERDICT - Dental Malpractice - Overfill of Sealer During Root Canal
$685,000 SETTLEMENT - Dental Malpractice - Nerve Injury Caused By Bleach During Root Canal
$1,000,000 SETTLEMENT - Dental Malpractice - Nerve Injury Caused by Failure to Inform Patient of Broken Instrument From Root Canal
Wrongful Death
$4,300,000 SETTLEMENT - Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Crash Killing 73-Year-Old Man
$1,700,000 SETTLEMENT - Fatality Resulting from Domestic Dispute
$3,125,000 SETTLEMENT - Bicyclist Hit by Truck - Death of a 72-Year-Old Man
$1,465,000 SETTLEMENT - 91-Year-Old Wheel Chair Passenger Dies in Motor Vehicle Crash
$1,300,000 SETTLEMENT- Drowning Death
$1,250,000 SETTLEMENT - Distracted Driver Kills Pedestrian - Death of 21-Year-Old Man
$1,000,000 SETTLEMENT - Medical Malpractice - Death of a 27-Year-Old Woman
Secured Over $136 Million in Mass Tort Recoveries
$2,750,000 VERDICT - Product Liability
$1,200,000 SETTLEMENT - Motorcycle Accident - Multiple Traumas
$900,000 SETTLEMENT - Fatal Accident Caused by Construction Vehicle
$475,000 SETTLEMENT - Products Liability Case
$300,000 SETTLEMENT - Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident
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