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Shipman & Goodwin’s appellate attorneys have appeared before both federal and state appellate courts and have successfully represented clients in a wide range of appeals, including commercial and contract disputes, product liability claims, criminal defense matters, zoning and land use issues, intellectual property prosecution and defense, bid and procurement disputes and environmental regulatory matters.

The group includes a former Connecticut Supreme Court Associate Justice and Administrative Judge for the State of Connecticut Appellate System as well as former state and federal appellate law clerks. Attorneys in the group leverage their extensive knowledge and practical experience in handling federal, state and administrative appeals and navigate the complex rules and requirements that characterize appellate work.

Our attorneys possess the deep practical experience and unique skills required to assess the strategic considerations and positioning of the relevant legal and policy issues based on what is important to a panel of appellate judges. They have extensive experience meticulously drafting persuasive appellate briefs that withstand the intensive judicial scrutiny they receive.

Before, during and after trial, our appellate attorneys also provide invaluable guidance to litigators both within and outside the firm. They possess extensive knowledge not only of appellate procedures, but also of the current state of the law on key procedural and substantive issues that contribute to success both at trial and on appeal. Our appellate attorneys collaborate with trial counsel on strategic issues to ensure that all applicable arguments are raised and important issues are preserved in the record in case there is an appeal.

Amicus Curiae Briefs and Special Projects

We represent individuals and entities who seek to participate in appellate proceedings by submitting briefs as amicus curiae or “friends of the court.” Our appellate attorneys provide experienced guidance in assessing the potential impact on clients’ interests if they become involved in appellate proceedings to which they are not formal parties. In addition, our appellate lawyers assist clients with special projects, such as position papers, comments on proposed statutes and regulations and analyses of recent changes in law.

Post-Trial Mediation

There are times when pre-trial mediation was not possible or did not result in a disposition short of trial. Serving as mediators, our attorneys can guide involved parties through private mediation post judgment as an option for avoiding the lengthy and costly appellate process. Complex cases, business disputes, personal injury cases and family matters all provide opportunities for post-judgment mediation.

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