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Antitrust Litigation

Shipman & Goodwin's Antitrust and Trade Regulation attorneys counsel businesses and trade associations to anticipate and avoid antitrust problems. The firm addresses antitrust issues in contracts of all types, including supply arrangements, joint ventures, franchises, and intellectual property licenses. The attorneys conduct antitrust audits and reviews, provide antitrust handbooks, and keep clients abreast of important developments in antitrust and trade regulation. When appropriate, they represent clients in private antitrust cases, or in federal or state government investigations or prosecutions, or concerning European Commission E.C. Treaty Articles 81-82.

Members of the practice group have been attorneys in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, have worked in states' attorneys general offices, have taught antitrust law, and are leaders in the bar. Our counseling and representation has included the following:

  • Price fixing, bid rigging and group boycotts
  • Territorial allocations and tying arrangements
  • Other Vertical or horizontal restraints and agreements
  • Monopoly and "Dominant Position" issues
  • Civil Investigative Demands by state and federal authorities
  • Class action and multi-district litigation
  • Hart-Scott-Rodino compliance, including initial filings and Second Requests
  • Trade association activities
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