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Administrative Enforcement

Shipman & Goodwin has represented many corporations and individuals in a variety of high-profile and high stakes matters involving federal and state regulators. Our team, which includes a former Chief Counsel to the Office of the Governor of Connecticut, works creatively with our clients to achieve solutions to their most difficult regulatory issues.

The Administrative Enforcement group understands that our clients' reputations are usually their most valuable asset. By recognizing this, we can craft strategies that are successful in achieving both short-term goals and long-term objectives, usually by working cooperatively with regulators. When compromise is not possible, however, we aggressively defend our clients’ interests in administrative proceedings and litigation.

The regulatory agencies with which our group has substantial experience include:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • State Attorneys General
  • State Banking Departments
  • State Insurance Departments
  • State Departments of Consumer Protection
  • Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission
  • Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission
  • Connecticut Office of State Ethics
  • Occupational Licensing Boards
  • Department of State
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

The group has broad experience in the many collateral civil and regulatory matters brought concurrent with criminal investigations by government agencies, private litigants, qui tam relators and class action lawyers.

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