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$949,468 ARBITRATION AWARD - Mild-TBI Resulting From Rear End Crash With No Visible Property Damage

We represented a man with a history of approximately 10 prior concussions. He was struck from behind and both cars had no visible property damage. However, the frame to our client’s car was bent. While our client  had an extensive prior medical history with numerous complaints and symptoms from concussions, the evidence was that he was doing much better in the year prior to the crash. After attempts to settle failed at mediation with an offer of only $100,000 from the insurance company, we arbitrated the case in front of a 3 person panel. After seeing a professionally produced video of witnesses that described the observed differences in our client from before and after the crash from the people that knew him best coupled with compelling testimony from our client describing the differences in his life, the arbitration panel returned an award of $74,468 for our client’s medical bills and $875,000 for pain and suffering for his head injury.

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