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$5,000,000 SETTLEMENT - Truck Strikes Cyclist - Leg Amputation

We represented the employee of a longstanding corporate client, who was sideswiped by a truck when he was riding his bicycle home from work. Initially, the truck driver told the cops our client was on his phone, no witnesses to the crash were identified, and we did not know if our comatose client would live and/or remember how the crash occurred. We got our client’s phone records (through his employer) and proved he wasn’t on his phone. Our accident reconstruction expert inspected the scene and the evidence, and we taught the detective the specific state statutes that protect cyclists. We requested the 911 dispatch tapes and learned that there were witnesses to the aftermath of the crash that called 911 reporting that the truck driver was attempting to leave the scene. We later learned that the truck driver lied to the cops and used another name at the scene of the crash because he was in the United States illegally. Unfortunately, due to the extent of the injury to his left leg, our client had his leg amputated above the knee approximately a month after the crash. We gave the insurance carrier an opportunity to settle the case as we drafted the Complaint to commence the lawsuit explaining that if they did not offer their $5,000,000 limits, we expected a verdict over the coverage when the case was tried. The carrier responded by offering its $5,000,000 policy limits available for this loss, which will give the client financial security as he starts the next chapter of his life.

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