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$4,500,000 VERDICT - Dental Malpractice - Overfill of Sealer During Root Canal

Through a referral from an in-house attorney from one of our corporate clients, we represented an executive in a dental malpractice case.  Our client was injured during a root canal where the dentist over instrumented leading to a large over fill of sealer some of which went into our client’s mandibular canal.  The defendants disputed liability, causation, and damages.  The defendants’ insurance company offered only $200,000 two weeks before trial.  After three weeks of evidence, including the use of technology at trial, Bill Ronalter obtained a verdict of $4,500,000, which consisted of $165,000 for past and future medical bills and $4,335,000 for additional harms, including constant pain, fatigue from prescription medications, and the reduction of enjoyment in many aspects of her life.  In addition, we filed an Offer of Compromise agreeing to settle for $750,000 the year before the trial.  Since the verdict was in excess of $750,000, interest runs from when the litigation started in February 2013 bringing the total amount to up over $5,300,000.  This verdict is the largest dental malpractice verdict in Connecticut history and is believed to be the largest dental malpractice verdict ever nationally.


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