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$400,000 SETTLEMENT - Rear End Crash - Hearing Loss With Tinnitus

Our client was struck from behind by a cement pumping truck causing her to sustain: (1) an inner ear concussion resulting in a 5% loss of hearing and tinnitus; (2) a mild traumatic brain injury that resolved; and (3) an aggravation of pre-existing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  She was self-employed and did not claim any lost income from this crash.  After our client was done treating and more than 3 years after the crash, her prior attorneys recommended she accept a $50,000 insurance company offer.  Unhappy, she then retained us.  After getting a 9 month continuance, we developed the injuries evidence with treating physicians and retained two additional experts to show the jury the effects the harms.  We were prepared to play for the jury recreated sounds of the tinnitus the client hears every day, with a zip drive accompanying an expert audiologist.  During jury selection, the case settled for $400,000, eight times higher than prior attorneys recommended, less than a year earlier

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