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$3,125,000 SETTLEMENT - Bicyclist Hit by Truck - Death of a 72-Year-Old Man

We represented the estate of a 72 year old bicyclist for a wrongful death case and his wife of 50 years for a loss of consortium claim.  Our client was hit and killed instantly by a company pick-up truck making deliveries when the defendant veered onto the shoulder of the road.  Our client preferred that litigation be avoided if possible.  In order to demonstrate to the defendants’ insurance company the enormity of the damages at this early stage of the claim, we worked with a professional video company to create a video of our trial witnesses describing the unique qualities of our client.  This video was sent to the decision makers at the insurance company prior to a mediation.  In addition, at the mediation, we presented a PowerPoint with evidence establishing how our client had lived life as an adventure and his special bond with his soul mate and wife of 50 years.  A portion of the settlement was donated by the client to charity in our client’s memory.


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