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The Media's Role in Public Corruption Cases

American Bar Association: Ethics, Politics, and Public Corruption Conference

April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009
Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa
Birmingham, AL

Moderator at the American Bar Association: Ethics, Politics, and Public Corruption Conference.

This panel will examine the media's role in all aspects of a public corruption case, and how prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges can best deal with the media within the bounds of law and ethics. What are the ethical limits on the attorney's dealings with media and what are the attorneys' obligations to supervise their agents and others in dealing with the media?  What are the risks to the defendant in a strategy that involves communications with the media, and to what extent must defense counsel consult with the client about this strategy particularly in light of the risks?  What is the potential role of media consultants in advising about, and assisting in, a media strategy, and what are the implications for attorney-client confidentiality and privilege of engaging media consultants?

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