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Stanford Law School: From Dangerous Silence to a Culture of Trust

October 20, 2011

Speakers: Charles L. Howard

October 20, 2011

Stanford Law School
Stanford, CA

Chuck Howard will serve on a panel discussion on the topic of Organization Ombudsman.

Other panelists include:
Jonathan McBride, McBride Associates, Inc.
Patrick Gnazzo, former Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Business Practices at United Technologies Corporation and former Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Vice President, Business Practices at CA, Inc.

Surveys of employees and in-depth research by KPMG and The Ethics Resource Center reveal that a significant cohort of corporate employees are unwilling to report serious misconduct that they witness at work. Ironically, the same cohort refuses to share their good ideas for improving products, services and business processes as well.

The fear of retaliation or retribution for speaking up, along with a nagging sense of the futility of their efforts are most often cited as why. Employees today have a particularly low level of trust in their companies, their senior management and board members. This panel presentation examines how the presence of an Organizational Ombudsman can penetrate this costly and dangerous silence and foster a culture of trust, candor and accountability.

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