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Schools Learn Lessons From Strip Search Case

Connecticut Law Tribune

September 14, 2009

With the new school year underway, students may soon see whether their administrators and teachers did their homework over the summer.


If a student is subjected to a strip search and school officials claim they have an unquestioned right to conduct such searches, then the odds are they weren’t paying attention to a U.S. Supreme Court decision released in June.


Connecticut education law experts say the case, Safford Unified School District No. 1, et. al. v. Redding, offers schools further guidance on how and when they might search a student for drugs, money or other contraband.


“Justifying a highly intrusive search is between difficult and impossible in the school setting,” said Thomas B. Mooney, who heads up Shipman & Goodwin’s School Law practice in Hartford. “If you’re in that serious of a situation, I think you call the police and let them deal with it.”

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