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Represent Marquee Tenant of a New York City Office Building with Respect to Investigation and Evaluation of Water Intrusion-Related Damage and Mold-Related Environmental, Health and Safety Concerns

Marquee Tenant of a New York City Office Building

Advised a marquee tenant of a New York City office building with respect to its investigation and evaluation of water intrusion-related damage and mold-related environmental, health and safety concerns. Coordinated a comprehensive environmental, health and safety assessment of the tenant’s occupied space in order to efficiently and accurately identify the scope and extent of damage to the tenant’s space resulting from water intrusion (and mold growth) associated with Hurricane Irene. Counseled client with respect to negotiations with its insurer and the building’s landlord regarding the rights and obligations of the parties and allocation of costs and liabilities associated with damage to property within the building, the building itself, and potential third-party claims.

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