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Labor and Employment Department Fall Seminar

Handling Difficulties in the Workplace

October 19, 2006

October 19, 2006
Downtown Hartford Marriott
Hartford, CT

Please join us for our annual fall seminar on October 19, 2006 at the Downtown Hartford Marriott. This promises to be an interesting and informative program regarding recent developments in labor and employment law that are of interest to employers. Our half-day seminar will include discussions on the complex issues associated with terminating employees; recent court decisions of interest to employers; dealing with difficult employees and personality conflicts in the workplace; and managing employee whistleblower claims. 

You're Fired . . . I Think? Complex Issues Associated With Involuntary Terminations

  • Laying the foundation and creating a record supportive of the decision to discharge
  • Practical guidance for responding to unexpected issues that arise during the termination process such as medical and disability issues, allegations of discrimination, retaliation claims and more
  • Strategies for avoiding unnecessary litigation challenging the termination 

Stranger than Fiction: Lessons Learned From Recent Decisions in Unusual Cases.

  • Valuable lessons can be learned from even the most bizarre cases
  • An entertaining look at recent cases on a variety of labor and employment topics
  • Tips for addressing the unpredictable issues encountered in the workplace 

What’s the Problem? Protected Class v. Personality Conflicts in the Workplace.

  • How should difficult employees and their issues be managed?
  • Answers to questions regarding investigating employee claims of harassment and/or discrimination and determining whether a valid claim of harassment or discrimination exists.
  • Steps to cure personality issues in the workplace 

Whistleblower Wake-Up Call: The Rise of the Whistleblower Claims.

  • What should you do when an employee "blows the whistle" on the operations of the employer?
  • An in-depth examination of the controlling state and federal laws
  • Preventative measures to avoid whistleblower complaints and affirmative actions to be taken in defending a claim once alleged
  • Impact of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Garcetti v. Ceballos.

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