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Intellectual Property

Shipman & Goodwin’s full-service Intellectual Property practice advises companies of all sizes, at all stages of development and in a wide range of industries on how best to manage the unique intellectual property needs of their businesses. Whether providing general counseling to a startup company or representing a national corporation in a complex litigation, our attorneys are able to navigate the complexities and nuances of the law based on our business knowledge, technical skills and experience.

First and foremost, our accomplished attorneys possess a deep understanding of the critical role a company’s intellectual property plays in its success -- from its brand, to its products, to its customers, to its competitive place in the marketplace. We combine this with our extensive knowledge of intellectual property rights and experience handling a wide variety of intellectual property transactions and litigation to help our clients identify, acquire, secure, maintain and defend their intellectual property assets.

In the areas of intellectual property acquisition, protection and litigation, we counsel clients on trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, patent licensing and technology transfer. Our experience includes due diligence and audits; technology developments; outsourcing; systems integration; website development and hosting; and distance learning. We also negotiate and draft licensing and ownership transfer agreements; consulting agreements; proprietary rights and invention assignment agreements; R&D agreements; and non-disclosure and non-competition agreements.

When disputes or other claims arise, we work to resolve them with whatever methods minimize risk and make the most sense for a client’s business, whether it be mediation, arbitration, negotiating a settlement or litigating a case in court.

Our experience extends to most categories of technologies and products, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, genetics, medical devices, electronic and telecommunication devices.


Anti-Cybersquatting Claim
Federal Anti-Cybersquatting and Trademark Infringement Claims
Private Duty Technology License
Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Healthcare Laboratory
Major Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Regional Hospital
Software Licensing Contract Negotiation for Higher Education Organization
Technology Contract Negotiation for Manufacturing Company
Software License Contract Negotiation for Clinical Healthcare Organization
Successful Representation in Copyright Disputes
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Federal Copyright Registrations
Settled Copyright infringement Case Prior to Trial
Resolved Copyright Infringement Dispute
Federal Copyright, Trade Dress and Trademark Infringement Action
Defense Against Violation of Copyrights
Online Contracting Model Development
Counseling and Development of Various Web and Business Agreements
Information Governance
Compliance with FTC's Red Flag Rules
Document Retention Policy Requirements
Personal Information Protection Requirements
Multistate Personal Information Protection Requirements
Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Counseling, Prosecution and Management of Various Portfolios
Prosecution and Management of Trademark Portfolio
Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
Acquisition of Specialty Finance Company by Texas-based Family Office
Patent Counseling
Successful Defense of Patent Infringement Claims
Favorable Settlement in Patent Infringement Case
Patent Infringement Representation
Favorable Terms Prior to Discovery in Patent Infringement Case
Foreign Patent Litigation
Prosecution of Patent Infringement
Defense of Patent Infringement Claims
Trade Secrets
Successful Defense of Breach of Joint Venture Charges and Theft of Trade Secrets Claim for $15 Million
Lawsuit Alleging Misappropriation and Attempt to Sell Trade Secrets
Statutory Theft of Trade Secrets Action
Defense against Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims
Theft of Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
Stolen and Reproduced Goods
Enforcement of Non-Competition Agreements and Trade Secret Rights
Non-Compete Enforcement
Multi-Brand Trademark Portfolio
Global Brand Trademark Portfolio
Trademark Portfolio Management
Successful Trademark Opposition Involving Convergence of Technology
Federal Certification Mark Prosecutions Against Counterfeiting Doctors
Trademark Infringement and False Statement of Origin Case
Settlement Reached in Trademark Infringement Suit
Settlement in Trademark Infringement Action
Prosecution of Trademark Rights and Non-competition Covenants Violations
Defense of Trademark Infringement Claims
Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement Case
Clothing Trademark Infringement Suit
Trademark Opposition Proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
Defense of Trademark Infringement Case Brought by Foreign Manufacturer
Obtained Ex Parte Federal Court Seizure Order
Successful Affiliation of Two Major Healthcare Organizations
Purchase of a Global Branded Internet Advertising Business
Enforcing Trademarks and Non-Competition Obligation
Theft of Trade Secrets and Unfair Trade Practices
Theft of Trade Secrets
Prosecuted Patent Infringement Claims
Breach of Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreements Suits


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