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Independent Contractor Crackdown: How to Protect Your Company from Liability and Penalties

Association of Corporate Counsel's Westchester/Southern Connecticut Chapter

July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010
Blythe Inc.
Greenwich, CT

Several states, including Connecticut and New York, have established task forces of state agencies to target misclassification of employees as independent contractors.

The IRS is also cracking down on misclassification. Federal and state law also impose limitations on retaining volunteers and unpaid interns.
This program will review these and other critical concerns to employers, in an interactive format: 
- What steps are federal and state agencies taking to prevent employers from misclassifying workers as independent contractors? 
- When is an independent contractor an employee in sheep's clothing? 
- What are the potential penalties and other risks to employers for misclassification? 
- How can employers limit liability if they misclassify in error? 
- Is it lawful to utilize volunteers and unpaid interns?

The program speakers are Ray Casella and Shari Goodstein, partners in the firm of Shipman & Goodwin LLP.

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