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Extending the Reach of Your Compliance Program: How an Organizational Ombudsman Can Be A valuable Supplement to Compliance

June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010


Compliance officers know that some people are not willing to come forward with their concerns without guidance on what their reporting options are or what will happen if they do come forward. Others do not come forward because they are too afraid of retaliation or because they are uncertain that they are correct in their suspicion about misconduct. An organizational ombudsman program can help address these issues, but there is a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding over what an organizational ombudsman is and does. For over twenty years United Technologies Corporation has had an organizational ombudsman program that has worked effectively to supplement the UTC compliance program to provide confidential guidance to employees on how to report and resolve workplace issues.

Event Speakers:

Chuck Howard, Partner, Shipman & Goodwin LLP and Author of The Organizational Ombudsman, Origins, Roles and Operations will provide an overview of:

  • what an organizational ombudsman program is;
  • why it makes sense for organizations to have them; and
  • how confidentiality can be protected.

His presentation will include a discussion and data on the demographic, technological, and legal changes that organizations have experienced over the past few decades that have converged to make the role of an ombudsman so important for organizations today.

Paul Robert, Associate General Counsel & Director, Contracts and Compliance for United Technologies Corporation, will discuss:

  • UTC’s experience in having an organizational ombudsman program for the past twenty years as an adjunct to its compliance and business practices program;
  • how the ombudsman program supplements UTC’s compliance efforts while remaining an independent, neutral, and confidential resource; and
  • how UTC has supported the protection of confidentiality for its ombudsman program.

UTC’s Ombudsman Program has been one of the leading corporate organizational ombudsman programs in the country, and both Mr. Howard and Mr. Robert will be sharing their many years of experience in working with it.

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