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Decisions on Caregivers to be Closely Examined by EEOC for Unlawful Stereotyping

August 24, 2007

The EEOC has issued guidelines on caregivers as there has been a concern that employees who care for children, parents, or other family members are being discriminated against in subtle ways. The agency is now going to be looking to determine whether caregivers are being unlawfully stereotyped. The examination will review the assignments caregivers are losing as well as examining promotional decision-making to be sure that opportunities are not lost due to family responsibilities. If there is an assumption that caregiving will interfere with job demands, without any actual evidence of performance problems, then the EEOC will presume the caregiver is being victimized due to unlawful sexual stereotyping. As a result of the EEOC's guidelines, it is important to examine decisions that impact caregivers to be sure that they are not being given a diminished role based on assumptions and not based on their performance.

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