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Connecticut Public Act No. 03- 89 Act Makes Changes To The Mandatory New Hire Reporting Program

Labor and Employment Alert

October 1, 2003

Authors: Henry J. Zaccardi

Labor and Employment Alert

Effective October 1, 2003, Connecticut Public Act No. 03- 89 Act makes changes to the mandatory new hire reporting program. Currently, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 31-254, each employer in the state must, not later than twenty (20) days after the date of employment, report the name, address and Social Security number of each new employee employed in Connecticut to the State Department of Labor. Employers may forward a copy of the Connecticut income tax withholding or exemption certificate completed by the new employee or use "any other means consistent with" DOL regulations for new hire reporting.

As of October 1, 2003, employers will also be required to report independent contractors they hire to perform services in Connecticut, within the same twenty (20) day time period. Employers must report independent contractors only if the expected value of the contract is at least $5,000 for the calendar year following its effective date, and if the contractor is not already registered with the Connecticut DOL for unemployment insurance tax purposes or is not an employee of a registered employer.

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