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An Act Concerning Civil Unions

Public Act No. 05-10 Signed by Governor 04/20/2005 Effective Date 10/01/2005

May 1, 2005

Authors: Henry J. Zaccardi

This Act authorizes same-sex couples to enter into civil unions. This legislation grants to such couples the same legal benefits, protections and responsibilities as married couples, and establishes eligibility, application and licensing criteria. It also specifies who can perform civil unions and establishes record-keeping requirements.

By incorporating civil unions by reference into most statutes within the following categories, that use or define terms indicating a spousal relationship it extends to civil union couples rights provided by such statutes, and also administrative regulations, court rules, policy and common law:

  1. Group insurance for government employees (but not private-sector employees)
  2. Family leave benefits
  3. Protection against discrimination based on marital status
  4. Workers' compensation
  5. Family law, including marriage, divorce, and support
  6. Real and personal property laws
  7. State and municipal taxation
  8. Probate courts and procedures
  9. Emergency and non-emergency medical care/treatment, hospital visitation, authority to act in matters affecting family members
  10. Vital records and absentee voting procedures

The law does not incorporate civil unions by reference into the statutes regarding marriage procedures and formalities. Rather, as noted, it includes new provisions providing procedures and formalities for applicants seeking civil unions.

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