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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution in forums other than the courts has become commonplace. Businesses are increasingly including provisions in their transactional agreements which call for alternative means of addressing disputes arising under those agreements before a suit can be filed. Arbitration is often faster and less costly than traditional litigation. Mediation is a less formal process in which the parties seek to reach a consensual resolution, as opposed to an adjudicated outcome through arbitration or court proceedings. Mediation has become a well-accepted means of finding a faster and creative solution and reducing the cost of conflict, while keeping a dispute confidential.

Attorneys in the ADR practice have experience representing clients to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently by means alternative to traditional litigation. Taking innovative and creative approaches adapted to the unique needs and objectives of a particular client, our attorneys achieve results that often are superior to those available through protracted, expensive and uncertain litigation. This approach can produce substantial value and minimize cost and disruption for business clients.

Our skills in alternative dispute resolution are complementary to our litigation capacity as we work to find and obtain the best results achievable for our clients.


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