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Labor & Employment Fall Seminar

2009 Update on Labor & Employment Law

October 30, 2009

October 30, 2009

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Downtown Hartford Marriott
Tel: (860) 249-8000
Fax: (860) 249-8181
Hartford, CT

Please join us for our annual fall seminar. This promises to be an interesting and informative program regarding recent developments in labor and employment law. Our half-day seminar will include discussions of pandemic preparedness, social networking and its impact on the workplace, and updates on recent developments in the law including the groundbreaking Ricci case.

This seminar will present some of the most recent issues affecting employers in a fun and interactive format with Gabriel Jiran as the host. Be prepared to give your “vote” on a variety of issues and see how your choice compares to the other attendees. Remember, every vote counts! Topics include:

The Effect of Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Networking Sites in the Workplace
This session will discuss social networking sites and the questions raised by the use of such sites by employees in the workplace, such as should employees be permitted to access such sites on the job; if so, what restrictions, if any, should be placed on such access; and how can these sites be utilized by employers to recruit and hire new talent. Robin Frederick, Shari Goodstein, and Eric Lubochinski will lead the discussion.

How Recent Legislation and Court Decisions Will Impact Employers
This discussion will explore how the legislature and the courts have treated employers with respect to recent developments in the law. We will also discuss what steps employers should take in reaction to such legislative enactments and case precedents. Brian Clemow and Henry Zaccardi will lead the discussion.

A Primer on Pandemic Preparedness
H1N1 is poised to make a comeback this fall. Learn what every employer should know about responding to a pandemic and what advance steps may be taken, including prevention techniques, policy updates and communication strategies before a problem arises. Lisa Banatoski Mehta and Kevin Roy will lead the discussion.

The Impact of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Ricci vs. City of New Haven
The Supreme Court shocked the country with its landmark decision in this case of reverse discrimination. We will explore the lasting impact of the decision and what it means for civil service systems, hiring, and promotional processes in general. Learn what every employer must know to avoid the pitfalls associated with such activities. Saranne Murray and Christopher Tracey.

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