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E-Discovery Lessons Not Just For Litigators

Connecticut Law Tribune

August 24, 2009

Authors: Charles L. Howard, Catherine F. Intravia

Living in a largely digital world, it is not clear just when modern society lost the distinction between the transitory and the permanent when it comes to communication.


It is clear though that the once bright light between a phone call and a communication of record, such as a letter, for example, has been lost. The digital age has allowed virtually every type of communication from telephone calls to e-mails to correspondence and documents — along with a great deal of other types of data — to be preserved virtually indefinitely, whether significant or not. For the past several years, electronic storage has been so inexpensive that most individuals and many companies have just kept everything. Consider how much easier it would be, not to mention less costly in the long run, if we could somehow find a way back to the operating assumption that only necessary information should

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