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Adding To The Value Of Health Care Construction

Attorneys can offer advice with funding issues and code compliance

Connecticut Law Tribune

November 7, 2011

Authors: Vincenzo Carannante

Nationally, large and exciting health care construction initiatives seem to make news all the time. Connecticut, finally, is no exception. We, too, have some game-changing health care projects in the works. But these flashes sometimes obscure the fact that the long health care construction boom, which Connecticut more or less sat out anyway, ended years ago.

Health care institutions have reprioritized. Budgets matter again. Renovation and modernization, particularly those that reduce energy use and update IT infrastructure, are favored over new construction. Revenue-producers like imaging, surgery, and cancer care departments are growing, while others like trauma and neonatal intensive care are not. Room sizes are shrinking. Relatively cheap ambulatory care centers are spreading.

In this environment, lawyers, like the other members of the project team, must add value to health care projects. Lawyers can bring their unique expertise to construction projects by helping develop approaches to legal and contracting challenges early in the project. When these approaches are incorporated into procurement documents and contracts, it helps minimize back-tracking, cost-overruns, scope changes, and change orders.

Challenges described below are common on many types of projects. But they are amplified on health care projects — and amplify the value lawyers can add by helping plan for them.

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