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Business Lawyers from Around the World Meet in Hartford

July 6, 2011

Business lawyers from around the world who represent mid-size companies recently met in Hartford for the “Interlaw Americas Conference”. Nearly 100 participants came from countries that include Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Denmark, England, Bolivia, Peru, Poland, Canada, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the United States.

This was the first time that this prestigious Interlaw conference met in New England and was hosted by Shipman & Goodwin LLP's Corporate Department/Import-Export Compliance Division. Interlaw is an international network of reliable, quality-monitored, corporate, commercial independent law firms.

The conference was called "Taking Middle Market Companies Global” and addressed legal issues that businesses face as their companies grow and operate in the competitive global marketplace, crossing international borders. Topics ranged from insights from companies who have gone global, to export trade regulations, to a presentation on how law firms can use Social Media in the global marketplace.

Shipman & Goodwin is committed to helping companies grow and expand beyond the U.S. borders and its attorneys proactively work to help clients market products and services abroad.
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