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35 Shipman & Goodwin Attorneys Named a "Top Lawyer" in Hartford County

Hartford Magazine

April 2011

We will all need a lawyer at some point in our lives, whether it involves buying a house, setting up a business, getting a divorce or drawing up a will.

In good times and bad, attorneys can help us to see the big picture and attend to details, sort out past mistakes and plan ahead to prevent problems in the future.

But not every attorney is equally skilled or experienced. That’s why it’s helpful to know which lawyers are among Hartford County’s best.

We asked Lexis Nexis Martindale-Hubbell, a highly respected global firm that has been compiling information on lawyers for more than 140 years, to create a list of the most effective and competent attorneys in our region.

To do so, the firm tapped its database to identify lawyers who have been rated by their peers to be AV Preeminent – the highest Peer Review Rating available.

The following Greater Hartford County Shipman & Goodwin LLP attorneys are featured in this publication: James W. Bergenn, James T. Betts, Robert A. Brooks, Coleman H. Casey, Robert J. Cathcart, Brian Clemow, Richard I. Cohen, Brenda A. Eckert, Joan W. Feldman, Susan C. Freedman, Thomas P. Flynn, Ross H. Garber, Stephen K. Gellman, Ira H. Goldman, Bryon W. Harmon, Timothy S. Hollister, Charles L. Howard, Sheila A. Huddleston, Kathleen M. LaManna, John H. Lawrence Jr., Alan E. Lieberman, Alex Lloyd, David M. Mack, Julie A. Manning, Thomas B. Mooney, Scott L. Murphy, Saranne P. Murray, William G. Rock, Paul D. Sanson, Louis B. Schatz, James C. Schulwolf, Robert R. Simpson, Karen T. Staib, Lyn Gammill Walker, and Robert L. Wyld.

Sheila Huddleston was also featured in a brief narrative about the appellate practice.

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